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drama 10-29 - challenge it’s insides of the commercial...

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A trivial comedy for serious people 10/29/10 Earnest vs. Ernest: Values of Conflict Propriety- ween Gwendolons hand in marriage Industry Sobriety Repression Status- money and class (aristocracy) Pleasure Fun Frivolty Liberation Status= capabilities (meritocracy) Vocabualry: Well made play Comedy of manners Farce: beliefs about order and structure and self-determination about farce as a whole, struggle with internal and external conflicts Characters are always one or two steps ahead of what’s to come next Confess to the lie he has been maintaining all along Modern drama in context: Society Philosophy Technology Dramaturgy - melodrama - well-made play - naturalism - anti-naturalism: expressionism (comedy of manners) Theatre Practice: - director - actor training (Stanislavsky) - Independent theatre movement, in order to find practical producer these satalltie theaters had to open to give an opportunity for a piece like Hedda Gabler to get publicity. (Wilde doesn’t need independent theatre because he is working within the system in order to
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Unformatted text preview: challenge it’s insides of the commercial system) -Wilde thrived in the commercial system from the start, deliberate use of comedy and humor Wilde Techniques:-Inversion: make us take different perscpective on everyday reality, treated as important values outside of the theatre by making them seem ludacris in the play, -Epigram: formal balanced statement that seems to summarize something on life “ignorance is like a delicate fruit…” -paradox “in matters of grace importance, style, not sincerity, is the vital thing” – Earnest Act 3 behavior dominates characters Wilde’s dramaturgy:-comedy of manners: conventional matters and behaviors don’t’ serve indiviudla intentions that we have to find a way around-satirizes the well made play- still have exciting suspenseful story, overturn the way WMP shows common wisdom and accepted values -technique of inversion-epigrams and paradoxes-the triumph of the artificial...
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drama 10-29 - challenge it’s insides of the commercial...

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