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Blues Clues 12/1/10 Additional Themes: - roots vs. migration - long term effects of oppression and discrimination - repitition or renewal Dramatic Structure: Act 1 climatic- cause and effect pattern, largely it seems sequential Act 2 Episodic- bigger expanses of times ultimately 7 years, rupture that shows the dramatic action Symbols and imagery: - names: Troy (Trojan war, fierceness, warrior fighting against his limitations, heroic nature of being passionate and willful and claiming what he thinks is his right, tragic hero from the classical world) - stagecraft and conflicts- do the rituals sustain them, fence means different things to different characters, characters are talking about baseball imagery and food “you gotta
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Unformatted text preview: take the curve ball with the straights”-language- music deliberately laid into the play that Troy lays into while he’s in the yard, Old Dog Blue, makes it seem like a naturalistic drama because he is engaging in memories, use of blues helps reinforce the plot development, blues is used to triumph over the sad it’s easy to connect and evoke an emotional response because it’s a pleasurable sound, feeling trapped and lost and using music as a way beyond that -stage action- work on the fence, batting practice, Gabriel’s dance at the end Troy’s language:-storytelling-myth-making-equivocation-blues Conflict: Seperation, domination, betrayal...
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