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Beckett’s Dying Words 11/12/10 Big questions are never answered, no resolution in the play, nothing really seems to happen Some small development along the way Act 1 Events Arrival Waiting Games, Routines, and Rituals New Arrivals The Messenger Waiting Theatre of the Absurd is a school to modern drama. Page 1284 “Are you not done cursing me…” Elements: Plot – even though its about lack of plot, we keep waiting for something to roll and for something to happen Character- characters don’t really seem to have substance, challenge sense of identity, Language Theme: Uncertainty, Clowns and Philosophers, Time, Memory, Habit, Activity, Life on Earth: tragedy or Farce? To Be or Not to Be? To Be is to Be Perceived (prove our existence in the fact that other people see us, characters need one another to prove their own existance). “The Thing
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Unformatted text preview: Itself” (make our own rational sense about the play, it isn’t about something, it is the thing itself) Rhythm Stagecraft -lack of plot progression-lack of character development-lack of strong dramatic action. (rise + fall, clear climax) Sisophis- greek that had to roll the rock up the hill for the rest of his life, situational structure: something keeps coming back to the origin just like the play does Beckett’s Dramaturgy: Around the Absurd-situation over plot-characters closer to mechanical puppets-actions becomes gratuitous activity-like action, speech is impotent-no discernable logic of development-no interpretive tools: form is content...
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