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drama 12-6

drama 12-6 - American Drama A streetcar named desire A...

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American Drama: A streetcar named desire A raisin in the sun Fences Angels in America Kushner and Postmodernism Vocabulary “modo”/modern= just now; Streetcar Named Desire, define the reality of contemporary world, recreate drama to represent their own perspectives about the truth, life is more accidental pomo/ postmodern = after just now, another attempt to re-invent drama character, Gk. “stamp” (like a peach, we have a core self that we can grasp) POMO- with an onion you peel away and then there is nothing, as you cut down to the center the less stability you find, more of an illusion, no depth, constantly in lateral progress throughout life, experiences aren’t anymore necessary than others, explores potential truths about the world Pomo Priciples: - reality: tentative, virtual > impacts personal identity - identity/the Self: provisional - truth: constructed Angels in America magic realism- surface realism invaded and changes by the supernatural, myth, dream, fantasy Act 1 Scene 7
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