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drama 10-27 - The Importance of Being Earnest 2002 Manners...

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10/27/10 Farce: - broad exaggerated style - most extreme comedy - anarchic, aggressive, subversive - indulges fantasies and drives - undermines conventional values - relieves anxieties and social pressures - no necessary harmony or renewal Strindberg and Helium at the Beach: youtube - farsical explosion of Strindberg makes his views seem ridiculous Genres: Tragedy Comedy Melodrama Farce Melodrama to Modern Drama: Styles: Well made play (scibe) Modernism - naturalism: modernists form that is rebelling against existing drama, new directions trying to find new theatrical expression - anti-naturalism (expressionism/supernaturalism [Strindberg]); (Comedy of manners [Wilde]) Tragedy> Comedy> Melodrama> Farce> Naturalism> Expressionism (unconventional territory) Genre- kind, type- widest classification Style- further distinctions- distinguished by degrees of: imitation, immersion (pull us into its reality), identification Compact amount of historical time within the 3 plays we have read, but all with different styles
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Unformatted text preview: The Importance of Being Earnest 2002 Manners are intended to provide decent social interaction Earnest vs. Earnest: Values in Conflict: Propreity Industry Sobreity Repression Status= money and class (aristocracy) Victorian era were ultimately super repressed about sex, procreation yes recreation no, anything that seemed to bring up the topic was not talked about Victorian culture defined where you belonged based on money and class Bunberry- idea of posing as one thing, but having a safe outlet for others (secret life that you are trying not to expose to the public) Pleasure Fun: not part of the Victorian world Frivolity: basic attitude toward life Liberation: who we really are, different face beneath the mask that needs to see the light of day Status= capabilities (meritocracy): arent the best measure of someones work...
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drama 10-27 - The Importance of Being Earnest 2002 Manners...

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