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drama 11-5

drama 11-5 - stylized language-scene titles-songs...

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11/5/10 Sytle= imitation/immersion/identification -naturalism (Ibsen) -expressionism/supernaturalism (Strindberg) -comedy of manners (Wilde) -epic or dialectic theatre (Brecht) Brecht- distant us from characters in aspects of the nature, intending to remind us of the theatricality of the play we are watching away from illusionism, greater discontinuity, break the steady flow of the play Dramaturgy - discontinuity/ episodes - dialects in character -
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Unformatted text preview: stylized language-scene titles-songs Production:-mutually alienating elements-general lighting-half-curtain-placards/projections-onstage band Brecht’s Dramaturgy: Epic Theatre-only what’s necessary to present events dialects: contradictions and inconsistencies stylized language: anti-realist speech v-effects: prologues, poems, songs demystification: mutually alienating elements focus: theatre as a force in social change...
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