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drama 10-6 - naturalism convince us that it’s not a...

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Keepin’ It Real 10/6/10 Classical Drama Renaissance Drama Neo-Classical Drama Age of Melodrama Modern Drama Wall-E (Melodrama) In a melodrama Hamlet would have survived and Claudius would have been the one who suffered. Modern Drama 1: naturalism Genre- kind, type Mimesis- imitation Can have serious melodrama, with potential to turn tragic but leans towards happy conclusion Illusionism vs. theatricality- offer different type of experience Melodrama Modernism 19 th century break away, new ways of communicating the truth Realism: impulse Stage compels actors to realize a more credible reality on stage How we define realism shifts throughout time Shakespeare seems artificial now Naturalism: style, recreate everyday life and people on stage, minimize theatricality and maximize illusionism, radical way of approaching fictional world Verisimilitude- “life-likeness”
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Unformatted text preview: - naturalism, convince us that it’s not a fictional piece, more of a life-like sense of a real story in front of us (story about inner conflicted boxer), naturalists try to use literal objective reality as basic means of expression Naturalism in context:-Society: middle class audience ( a lot of leisure time to carve out time for entertainment) [authentic reflection of own life], capitalism and materialism (need for money and concern with material good) -Philosophy: Darwin [heredity, impact of past on present], Marx [focus on individual and environment], Freud [new vision of self that is almost a portrait of internal conflict (can be conscious or unconscious)], art + science -Technology: proscenium stages [private witness to truthful environment], box sets [sense of depth on stage], electric lights -Dramaturgy-Theatre practice...
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