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Drama 10-4 - down to human essence(melodrama is more...

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Nothing Mellow About It 10/4/10 Unit One: Classical Drama to Neo-Classical Drama Unit Two: Melodrama to Modern Drama Vocabulary Mimesis- imitation Genre- kind, type Tragedy Comedy Melodrama- really heightened, vivid conflicts The Empire Strikes Back- dramatic attraction of scene “Luke I am your father” Enemy of the State - chase scene Horror of Dracula - chase scene Dracula force of evil, we don’t need the complexity of drama, but language and dialogue are needed to support the drama explore different ideas/ themes, create characters in a different light The World of Melodrama: - popular, escapist, sentimental (appealing about how melodrama boils human condition
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Unformatted text preview: down to human essence) (melodrama is more concentrated on surface conflict between two secure characters on the moral scale) (escapist form of art, idealized world where virtue always triumphs in the end) -focus on plot -whole characters- characters that don’t suffer a lot of internal conflict -external conflict- conflicts between characters or external events -clear cut morality -restores status quo- good succeed, bad pay their due (good is a universal force, bad will find it’s own punishment)...
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