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May The Farce Be With You 10/25/10 Farce zeros in on different aspects of the human existence; broad slap stick comedy (3 stooges) or predicated on low prude primal humor (Something About Mary, American Pie, Zoolander) Basic motor of farce- idea of anxiety or worry, all comedy temporarily gives us a state of anxiousness, everyone is locked in the same matrix of the same behavior Broad comedy based on bodily functions we cant control, immediate comic moments Order logic self-determination are all illusions rather than self reality Anxiety about social situations, failing, humiliation Poke holes at our sense of security and control of self in public situation The Court Jester 1955 (farce) Mockery of itself Bleaker view of human condition Mr. Bean representation of human farce I love Lucy “Lucy does a TV commercial”
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Unformatted text preview: Farce:-broad exaggerated style- primal inhibition and vulnerability -most extreme form of comedy- the more they fail the more funny it becomes to the audience, trying to master inhibition, bleaker view of the universe, no centrality or self-control of human beings, more prone to failure rather than success-anarchic (challenge the status quo), aggressive (down and dirty), subversive -indulges fantasies and drives, series of upsets and disappointments -undermines conventional values, defined by lack of success, contradiction between intention and being incased in matter in a human form (funny when someone trips on a brick because it’s outside normal action) “The mechanical encrusted upon the living.” – Henri Bergson, Laughter (1900) Saturday Night Live Matt Foley...
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