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drama 11-19 - Positive transition that’s restructuring...

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The Kindness of Strangers American Drama: A Street Car Named Desire- power of desire/sex is a drive in our lives, but the intersection between desire and death that must cross in order to get to paradise, may have to confront some ugly truth that leads us to the truth Fences Angels in America: Millennium Approaches Playwriting and Theatre practice Naturalism and its variants Family plays American indentity and the American dream Street Car: Combination of psychologoical drama and also social political document Core American Beliefs/Myths: - self determination - individualism - self invention: identity Street Car Named Desire: poker night New Orleans is chaotic and out of control, society was structured where Blanche came from Mix of classes in New Orleans
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Unformatted text preview: Positive transition that’s restructuring itself and also the freedom to find an outlet; since of social progress and the idea that everything could spiral out of control Stanley prides himself on being a man of the present, Stanley has the idea of the American dream where you can come and redefine yourself Themes: The American character and experience- commitment to America’s past or present? (combat between characters) Passing of the old south (pass of one America to a rise of a different conception of the nation) Post-war urban America The troubled American family Class, Gender, marriage, economics Human Sexuality- bond holds Stanley and Stella together Illusion vs Reality...
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