HW 4-Sol - a. FCC cfw_111<110>, b. b = BCC...

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a. FCC {111}<110>, BCC {110}<111>, HCP{0001}<11-20> b. 0.5 22 0 44 2 aa a b ⎛⎞ =+ + = ⎜⎟ ⎝⎠ c. Glide dislocation: A dislocation move in its glide plane Climb: A dislocation move out of its glide surface d. Non-directional bonding and closed-packed direction for slip e. Slip plane: closely packed plane, Slip direction: closely packed direction Slip system: the combination of slip plane & slip direction f. FCC and BCC have more slip systems than HCP. g. Cross slip is the behavior in which a dislocation can switch from one glide plane to another one. h. Jog – Steps on the dislocation which move the dislocation line from one atomic slip plane to another. Kink – Steps which displace dislocation line on the same slip plane. i. Dislocation loop is formed by collapsed of vacancies and platelet of self interstitials j. 2 cm or 2 mm 2 (1 ) 2*46*(1 0.34) 123.28 EG G P a ν = + = 123.28 128.4167 3(1 2 ) 3(1 2*0.34) P a KG P a == = −− No volume change should be satisfied with b•I×S=b×I•S =0.
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HW 4-Sol - a. FCC cfw_111&lt;110&gt;, b. b = BCC...

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