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Final Exam Review - Tornados (Twister, Cyclone): -Rotating...

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Tornados (Twister, Cyclone): -Rotating column of air = VORTEX -Can have multiple vortex tornados Characteristics: *Extremely Low Pressure (about 10% lower inside than surrounding air) *Expands and Cools Adiabatically *Coloring depends on air and debris Produces: Strong Winds – Rainfall --- Hail Development: 1) Forms along Squall Lines, Cold Fronts, and Supercells 2) Thunderstorm produces Mesocyclone (column of cyclonically rotating air) 3) When funnel cloud hits the ground, classified as Tornado April –June: Greatest time of atmospheric variability (Most Tornados) Gulf of Mexico: Strong atmospheric variability b/c of mT winds (Strongest Storms) >40% occur in the spring 150-600m = Diameter 45km/hour Winds max of 300mph Enhanced Fujita Intensity Scale (EF): measure tornado damage Tornado WATCH: weather conditions favor tornados Tornado WARNING: tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar
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Hurricanes: ( Deadliest: Texas, Galveston) Requirements to form: *Water > 80°F *Lower-level convergence
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Final Exam Review - Tornados (Twister, Cyclone): -Rotating...

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