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Assignment 2 (alternative one of three alternatives) The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to explore some business-related academic research. Your task, once you make a selection from the three alternatives, is to write a 300-word essay explaining the research to a.) your grandparents, b.) your parents, or c.) your younger siblings; the choice is yours. Consider to whom you are communicating as this will be important in determining what you wish to write (pp. 60-63, BUSN). To begin this assignment, you will need to logon to the Brock University website, and then follow this sequence: 1. Hit “libraries.” 2. Hit “research.” 3. Hit “databases.” 4. Choose subject “business.” 5. Choose “ABI/INFORM Global” (item 1). 6. Find the article listed below. Article 1: MARKETING Menguc, B., & Auh, S. (2006). Creating a Firm-Level Dynamic Capability through Capitalizing on Market Orientation and Innovativeness. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science,
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