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98exam I questions. html Pase I of 12 *t:*-*. { 5Y- ,-''j ) 5 Bio 305 Exam flFall Term 1998 The following seven unlinked genes were identified and studied by Mendel. For each gene, the dominant allele is indicated with a capital letter. ? ,,_P for purple flowers, p for white flowers bh.i' Y for yellow seeds, y for green seeds R for round seeds, r for wrinkled seeds A for axial flowers, a for terminal G for green pods, g for yellow pods L for long stems, I for short stems I for inflated pods, i for pinched pods {' s /v { [3 pts] (2) rf a pea plant of the genotype PP Yy Rr Aa Gg ll ii were ro self fertili progeny would be homozygous for all seven of these genes? T (dD'{ 12\ pwhat fraction ofdad' r ' {"{)lb 6n)(14 u7. I i '.i. '1 (a) Ilr28 (b) It64 (c) Il32 (d) 1/16 (e) 3tr6 (t) Il4 / \ r -t*\ t /IVffi\|, G)etr6 (h) 27t64 (1) 27tr024 0et2s6 (k) 27t2s60) 11/16 \1,^ \,"' *ry*ur*,{*i4- -6.-( -"- pts] (3) How many genotypes or pollen would be made-by r,Jo d'.dr & €rr-1 ifprunt ,0- G)lsVa) u\(,;e)b\: _" 2"- \', J prDr \J/ rru\,/ ,r4,y re,urypsu ur rrurrs, wuuru u. "r"V, ^6i|:X?fiyritiffi,r:: (a)2 (b) 4 (c) 6 (d) 8 (e) l0 (f) 12 I - ; )':., 1't (e) 16 (h) 24(i) 32 0) 64 (k) r28 (t) 2s6 f { ( vf - n-{\ /1 1:i' 7:> pts] (4) In tomatoes, the dominant allele A causes the development of a purple stem, whereas aa plants develop green stems. In addition, the dominant allele C causes of cut leaves, whereas cc plants develop potato-shaped leaves. If an Aa Cc plant is crossed t',,ith an 23 Qc nlnnt *,het frrctinp of the progeni, will have either purple stems or cut leaves, (or both)? i/16 (b) 2116 (c) 3116 (d) It4 (e) 6tL6 (f) It2 http://www.biology.lsa.umich.edu/courses/bio305/g8examlquestions.html I/30/01
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98exam 1 questions.html (g) 10/16 (h) 11/16 1i) 12/16 0 13/16 (k) I4tr6 (t) 16t16 Page 2 of L2 [3 pts] (5) For cats, black and yellow pigments in the fur are controlled by two different alleles of a sex- linked gene (Xb = black and XY = yellow). The coats of heterozygous females consist of patches of black fur interspersed with patches of yellow fur, giving them a "tortoise-shell" or "calico" appearance. A calico female has a litter of eight lcittens - one yellow male, two black males, two yellow females, and three calico females. If there was a single father for the litter, what was his genotype and color? (a) XbY, black. (b) XbY, calico 1c) XYY, yellow (d) XvY, calico. (e) He could be anything. pts] (6) In Drosophila, the allele for vermilion eyes (v) is recessive and sex-linked. Furthermore, some flies have attached-X chromosomes, which cannot separate from each other at meiosis, and so always cause non-disj unction. If a vermilion female with attached-X chromosomes mates a wild-type male from a true-breeding stock, what types of viable progeny would they have? (Remember, flies with three X chromosomes die before hatching). (a) 507o wild-type females, 507o wtld-type males (b) 50Vo vermilion females, 50Vo wrld-type males. (c) 507o wild-type 507o sterile males. (d) 50Eo vermilion females, 50Vo (e) 50Vo wild-type females, 507o vermilion males. (f) 507o wild-type females, 50Vo steile, vermilion males. pts] (7) In mice, these are multiple alleles for the gene controlling albinism. Four of these alleles are: C full coat color cch chinchilla cd extreme dilution c albino The C allele is dominant to each of the other three: the cch allele to cd and c. and
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Exam+1+--+Fall+1998+--+Blank - 9 8examq uestions I h tml...

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