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Bio305 Genetics Exam I, Fall 2006 1 INSTRUCTIONS 1. For your exam to be scored, you MUST use a #2 pencil. 2. BEFORE BEGINNING THE EXAM, fill out all information sections on the accompanying answer sheet COMPLETELY. a. Read and follow instructions on the form EXACTLY. b. Grid in your NAME, STUDENT ID #, and DISCUSSION SECTION NUMBER on the left-hand side of the answer sheet. c. Be VERY NEAT and careful when filling out the answer form. The scanning machine is very sensitive and stray pencil marks could be interpreted as answers. 3. Each question has only one BEST answer. 4. When you finish, hand your answer sheet and exam to a GSI PERSONALLY. Do not give it to anyone else to hand in. Only one answer sheet will be accepted from each student. 5. There are 4 points for each of the 25 multiple-choice questions. 6. There is a statistical table at the end of the exam, in case you need it. Blank paper has been attached to the exam to give you room to work. SUGGESTIONS: Work through exam circling answers on paper copy. When you are finished, review your answers. Only then (or with ~15 minutes of exam time left) should you fill in the scantron answer key.
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