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Exam 1 Year - FORM1 Part I M ultiple C hoice 22 q uestions 4 p ointse ach= 8 8 p oints C ircle o neb est x answer,transfer to front page I How many

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FORM 1 Part I: Multiple Choice (22 questions x 4 points each = 88 points) Circle one best answer, transfer to front page. I ' How many different phenotypes of offspring would be produced in the following cross assuming all these gene pairs are assorting independentiy and A, B, and D are completely dominant over 4 b, and d respectively; C and E-are incompletely dominant over c and e respectively. 11 ' | ":' l'", .l> :.r ,.) II -',, V.JLl a.5 b.6 g-, 9 i-.-9,' 36 e. 44 AaBBICcDdEE x { i,,-i , { t.I t- AA Bb Cc Dd ee '' $.: !/ l- j \- 2. whichgf the following is Nor known to occur during meiosis? .t' ,t / ' . ./'"/ 'r-ffingher animals, a primary spermatocyte going through meiosis will give rise to 4 spenn whereas a primary oocyte can give rise to only one egg. A.dipl-oi4 €€ ll-gsing$ffuplihi6i6si!-wiil have its number of chromosomes halved by the egd of first meiofic division. 'r't' V-$ossing over and genetic exchange between homologous chromosomes occur during the r prolonged prophase of first meiotic division. 'd. ,poth FPt:ia and diploid organisms can have meiosis occurring during their sexual reprodudtion, but a starting cell going through meiosis cannot Ue traptiia. 'i l\ r--.> i; I e'.1 Segregation hogr-gfogous and Independent assortment between 's.-;i pairs of homologous chromoiom-es cair occur in the lt'or)nd meiotic division. 3. Heterozygous Cc- chickens express a condition called creeper in which the leg and wing bones are shorter than wild type normal with the genotype cc. The dominant c allele is lethal when homozygous. Two alleles of an independently segregating gene determine white (WJ versus flfowGsDfeather color. From matings beiweJn Jfti"t"* heterozygous for both of these genes, what phenotypic classes will be represented among the viable prig"rry, and what are their expected relative proportions? I normal white: I normal yellow 9 creeper white: 3 noqmal white: 3 creeper yellow: I normal yellow I creeper white: I normal white: I creeper 6 creeper white: 3nomal'white: 2 creeper yellow: 1 normal yellow 2 ueeper white: 2 normal white: 1 creeper yellow: 1 normal yellow ''"i ) a. b. ,,.cj \$ e. 2
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\--. .n J, consider the following pedigree for a rare autosomal hait, where the shaded individuals are affected' what is the probability that III-3 is affected given itt-t *a rrr-2 arenormal? ill (. l, -:" ,, i,. .1 ) \" 114 FORM 1 it li, 'l tl I ," , fi lt,t a,' ' 't.- t' ' .,. ,. a. b. c. ,,i E e. , o'"' 0.17 0.34 0.26 0.r3 0.06 ' " /r (.. ,lllr' .: l- tr,i',, L t/ nl ." i)f ''.*--/ 5' A particular plant species has red color flower in nature. you accidentally find 5 plants having white colored flowers iiiyour garden. In addition, as a scientist, you generate one more white flower by-exposing the red glant !o x-tuy r"itr,t e days. wr{* vo" cross all 6 pure lines of white color plants to pure iine of red pi*ti irai"idually, v", g"iar red flowers from 6 crosses. And now you do ih, ,ros betrveen 6 white color plants and get the following results: phenotype i' all red '"'' all white - -"'* """ - "- . --dl white all red --.
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Exam 1 Year - FORM1 Part I M ultiple C hoice 22 q uestions 4 p ointse ach= 8 8 p oints C ircle o neb est x answer,transfer to front page I How many

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