Exam 2 -- Winter 2005 _Practice_-- ANSWERS

Exam 2 -- Winter 2005 _Practice_-- ANSWERS - b c d E 3 T F...

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FORM 1 EXAM 2 Name : KEY Genetics 305 Section : Winter Term, 2005 ID# : Make sure to write your name on the top of all exam pages, including this page. Each question has one most correct answer. You may use a pencil when working the exam, but all final answers must be marked on this front page in pen . Part I: Multiple Choice : _________ x _________ = ____________ pts. Part II: True or False : _________ x _________ = ____________ pts. Circle the correct answer for each question ( correct answer is bold capital letter ) 1 a b c D e 12 A b c d e 1 T F 2 a b C d e 13 a b c D e 2 T F 3 a B c d e 14 a
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Unformatted text preview: b c d E 3 T F 4 a b c D e 15 a b c E e 4 T F 5 a b c D e 16 A b c d e 5 T F 6 a B c d e 17 a b C d e 6 T F 7 a b c D e 18 a b c D e 7 T F 8 a b c d E 19 a b C d e 8 T F 9 a b C d e 20 A b c d e 9 T F 10 a b c D e 21 a b c D e 10 T F 11 a b c D e 22 a B c d e 11 T F 12 T F Also, if you feel some questions or answers warrant more lengthy comment, please mark the test pages and then indicate on this page which questions we should look over: Please check questions : __________________________________________________________ When you are finished, submit both the answer sheet and your exam....
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