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Exam 2 -- Unknown Year -- ANSWERS

Exam 2 -- Unknown Year -- ANSWERS - (3 For coatcolor in...

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(3) For coat color in rabbits, several alleles of C fulIblack coat color ":, himalayan pattem (white with coloration at limb tips) c* cirincirilia (white irairs with black tips) c albino C is dominant to all other alleles, ch and, c'h ateco-dominant and both are dominant to c. A rabbit population is in Hardy-weinberg equilibrium, where the allele frequencies are: c 0.2 ch 0.3 c'h 0.4 (d) 0.68 (e) c 0.1 What is the expected frequency of rabbits with full blackcoat color in this population? (a) (0 0.4 0.22 i (c) (h) ,, (i) 0.16 0) (a) Which of the following would allow you io distinguistr between an autosomffi cytoplasmically inherited fait in humans? ' ' l ! . - (a) An unaffected mother and affected father have an unaffected son. .'T * qX{fected mother ana #eited father have an unaffected daughter. ''(c) An a:f$cted mother and affdited father have an affected son. @l e" affected mother and affeclgd father have an #Mu daughter. (e) An affepted mother and unaffected father have an affected son. ,. (D An affiteu mother andunaffected father have an affected daughter. (g) (a) and (b) are conect (h) (c) and (d) are correct (i) (e) and (D are correct O noneof the options are correct (5) The mclmutrtion in Drosophila is a recessi" to sterility in females only. A mell+ female is crossed with a mell+male fly. The Fl progeny flies are raised together and allowed to mate randomly with each other. Whatproportion of the r"rluhiog tot"l F2 flies will be sterile? (f) r/4 (g) str6 (h) r/2 .'(D Us. , 6; str i,. -
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(6) A deleterious autosomal recessive tait occurs in newborn babies in the U.S. at a frequency of I in 1,000,000 (1 in 106). AssumethatthepopulationisinHardy-Weinbergequilibrium. Achildbomto a couple in generation II in the following pedigree. What is the probabititytfrat the child IV.l will be affected? !' - , ' , , ; ' 1 " " : "l -- . " : .t:t ,. / ii1 , r'_.. 1 - I I " i . I , , , i . . . . . - \ , ; t . "' i,(e) cannot be determined with information available (f) 6.7 x 10'3 @) 2.4x 10-6 (h) 1.4 x 10-2 (7) Which of the following statements is accuiate? .-:-,- -(*LHtt roplasmic cells have one mutant and one wild-type copy of an organelle-encoded allele. ' (a) All chloroplast genes showstrict uniparental inheritance. "'(e) When stict maternal mitochondrial inheritance is observed, it is always due to the fact that the malbgametes contain no mitochondria. "'' (p..f9r children in the same family, there is generally genetic variation in mitochondrial genes just as therb is for nuclear genes. (g) more than one of the options is correct. (8) The recessive mini- mutation in Drosophila results in miniature flies. The fitness of these flies relative to wild-typeis 0.4. The mini+ gene is located on the X chromosome. In a population of flies otherwise at Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, where the allele frequency for the mutant minf' allele is 0.4,what will be the minf allele frequency after one generation of selection?
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Exam 2 -- Unknown Year -- ANSWERS - (3 For coatcolor in...

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