Origin Of life

Origin Of life - Origin Of life 20:54 Facts of life One...

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Unformatted text preview: Origin Of life 20:54 Facts of life One type of life on earth :needs water Life started very early on in earths formation All life on earth stemmed from one common ancestor Organics are easy to make and all over the galaxy Mars had water Origin of life is one of the oldest problems We have no fossil records of the earliest form of life and we dont have sedimentary samples of the early earth Life originated very early Our efforts to understand are hindered because we dont have segments of primitive earth No fossil records of prebiologic shit We lack a generally agreed definition of life Heterotrophic origin of life (50s) Reducing atmosphere synthesis of organic compounds and formation of primordial soup coacervates primordial heterotrophs Book written by oparin to outline a methodology for researching the origin of life First experiment done to synthesize organic compound done by Miller o Simulated conditions of primitive earth o Contained methane, ammonia, nitrogen and water vapour Experiments show that you can simply synthesize life compouds Prebiotic environment Many possible sources of organic compounds were present Research suggests that even before life arrived on earth we had an array of organic compounds, purines, pyrimidines and cell wall material Views on emergence of life on earth Metabolic view o Proto metabolism replication Metabolism (catalysis) reproduction Genetic View (DNA before Protein) o Replication Proto Metabolism replication metabolism Reproduction Most likely RNA came first o can store genetic information (like DNA) o can catalize chemical reactions (like protein) How did life begin?How did life begin?...
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Origin Of life - Origin Of life 20:54 Facts of life One...

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