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Philosopho Midterminenez - .Indoingso,assessCharles...

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Consider arguments in favor of and against the view that  social sciences are sciences. In doing so, assess Charles  Taylor’s view. 23:24 Even a cursory survey of knowledge accumulated through centuries of sci- entific  investigation forces us to conclude that we need the duality of empiricism and rationalism to  understand science. Philosophers and scientists deal with this duality in different ways. Philosophers of science explore the uneasy relation between the two isms and draw lessons from it. Scientists, on the other hand, accept duality without a second thought, switching from one mode of reasoning to the other whenever it helps further investigation. 4 Scientific progress over the past centuries, though complex and sometimes devious, suggests that we should not criticize scientific methodo- logy for not adhering either to empiricism or to rationalism. The gifts of a ‘mixed’ methodology in unraveling nature’s secrets can hardly be overestimated. In his early work  Explanation of Behaviour  (1964), Taylor critiqued the  psychological theory of behaviourism, and maintained instead that explanations  of human actions must include reference to purpose and always involve an  element of interpretation. As a result he saw the  SOCIAL SCIENCES  as being  fundamentally different in method from the physical sciences. In additi
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Philosopho Midterminenez - .Indoingso,assessCharles...

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