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-Major industries that developed in the south in 1900´s Cotton, iron, textiles, -1909: -June 19 texas heard about the slave liberation -Bonanza farms: Grains, etc -Cattle originated from Texas -Farmers alliance -Deflation, gold standars, remunization of silver 1896 presidential election: Mckinley won, (gold standard) Populous party Margaret Sanger: birth control Sinclaire: muckruckers Progressives: wanted reform,( meatpacking industry, child labor, workhours, etc.) Businessmen in the mid 1800s: outside market (asia) Hawai, Philipines –Marshall
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Unformatted text preview: deal- Child labor acts: prevented the employment of children under 16. Birmingham, symbol of industrialization Jayne Adams: Cubists: Picasso, they questioned reality (denied a fixed objective reality) Triple alliance: Triple Entente: France Great Britain and Russia. 40% lived in poverty American protective league, were sent out to find acts od disloyalty to the US British submarine sunk by – Lucitamia Ludlow Massacre, Colorado...
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