Government lecture 2

Government lecture 2 - What role does the government play...

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American Political Culture Beginning of Class Exercise 1. Assembly Line Worker--$23,000.00 2. Auto Mechanic--$37,000.00 3. Cashier at Fast Food Rest.--$18,000.00 actual: 4. Elementary School teacher--$27,000.00 5. Janitor--$22,000.00 6. Lawyer--$200,000.00 7. Medical Doctor--$250,000.00 should: $140,000.00 8. Office Secretary--$30,000.00 9. Plumber--$40,000.00 10. CEO of large company--$400,000.00 should: $200,000.00 How different should incomes be? Wealth Sources of Wealth o Human Resources o Natural Resources o Existing Wealth o Governmental Wealth What constitutes wealth in a society? How wealthy is the US?
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Unformatted text preview: What role does the government play in creating and destroying wealth? Why did North American develop as it did? What is (are) our cultural traditions as a nation of immigrants? Political culture and Political socialization Why did North America become pretty wealthy with the exception of Mexico, and South America didnt? People came from Europe and used things here that already worked. A lot of British influence. The Spanish came in and saw the resources, conquered it, extracted the resources but didnt stay. South America was here first....
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Government lecture 2 - What role does the government play...

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