Government Lecture 4

Government Lecture 4 - It requires both freedom to do and...

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Politics Lecture Sep 10, 2007 Politics: the authoritative allocation of values [Patterson] Politics: the process through which society makes its governing decisions. Collective decisions made by government –how money gets allocated Redistribution Public Goods: Goods that are collectively produced and (freely) available to anyone’s consumption. E.g. National Defense Public education Nonexcludable public goods Excludable public goods What are traditional American values? Patterson: Liberty Self-government Equality Individualism Diversity Negative Liberty: freedom as something individuals have as a right, but which is constantly under threat from outside forces, especially the state. Positive liberty: positive liberty is a freedom to do or achieve something.
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Unformatted text preview: It requires both freedom to do and the opportunity, money, political power, family support, or whatever that is needed to accomplish these ends. B. Justice: Webster defines justice as the equality of being righteous, moral, fair, upright, impartial Legalistic (procedural) due process view; equal treatment for all in judicial and quasi-judicial government functions Utalitarianthe greatest good for the greatest number Just dessertsmerit (accomplishments) effort (amount of work) Communitarianism: The idea that the good of the community is undervalued compared to the rights of individuals (more responsibilities fewer rights)....
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Government Lecture 4 - It requires both freedom to do and...

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