lecture 11

lecture 11 - increase in the number of voters who are...

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Political Parties and Elections 1. How good a job do the parties do in the United States? 2. Party identification a. What is it? i. Main functions: b. Why does it work? i. Shared values ii. Cognitive dissonance 1. Relationship to an object and if that relationship is positive and the relation between one object and the next, is positive, you start out very positive. 2. If the object is a nasty thing, and even if you wanted to really like they you may start to dislike him, if you begin to dislike one object, you may like the other as well (friends) because of balance. c. Distribution d. Trends 3. Realignment and dealignment a. Realignment: refers to the switch in support from one party to another party b. Dealignment: refers to a decline in identification with any party and hence an
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Unformatted text preview: increase in the number of voters who are aligned (politically independent) 4. Turnout in America a. Who turns out and why? i. We have a lot of elections ii. Number of registration requirements iii. Huge number of decisions iv. With only two parties, some people cant find a party who matches their own v. Less engaged in politics vi. Most people feel their vote wont make a different b. Trends i. Those in jail ii. Those who arent citizens c. Why do people turnout? i. Resources 1. Education 2. Experience 3. Income 4. Efficacy 5. Partisanship 6. Social involvement ii. Excitement 1. Close elections, high media attention iii. Over stimulation 1. Mobilization by parties 2. Mobilization by candidates...
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lecture 11 - increase in the number of voters who are...

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