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Marketing -Definition -the marketing Concept – consumerism -Market Segmentation (geographic, demographic (age, sex, family size, life cycle), personality, income/life style -Consumer goods (convenience, shopping, specialty, unsought goods) - Industrial goods –used in the production of consumer goods -Services – fastest growing sector of the economy The Marketing Mix - Product more than just the physical good Packaging, warranty, size, shape, color, image, service Strategies (width, depth, and consistency) (all include 3 basic elements: branding, packaging, and labelling) Product life cycle (introduction, Growth, maturity, saturation, decline)
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Unformatted text preview: -Price an interesting phenomenon Cost-plus Price Lining Loss Leader Bait/Switch illegal in Canada but done all the time Skim the Cream Mass Penetration Odd Pricing (psychological Pricing) Prestige Pricing Promotional Pricing incentive to come back-Place (distribution) getting the product from the manufacturer to the consumer Channel Direct Wholesaler Retailer-Promotion An exercise in persuasion, information, and influence personal selling sales promotion devices publicity advertising (product; institutional)-Public Image...
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