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The case method - sept 16 - • Are my assumptions...

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The Case Method A rational, logical, decision making process What is a Case? A real-life business problem Apply theoretical concepts to an actual situation Develop decision-making skills Case Format Executive Summary (5 marks) Assumptions Problem Statement (15 marks) o Satellite problems/ central problems o Implications on the organization o Implications on the personnel Alternative Solutions (50 marks) o Example: Look at pros and cons Fire Duffy Increase his benefits Retirement Recommended Solution (5 marks) Implementations (15 marks) o Immediate; short term; long term o Be specific! Grammar (10 marks) Key Factors When Preparing
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Unformatted text preview: • Are my assumptions reasonable? • Do I really understand the problem? • Have I looked at all viable alternatives? • Is my decision realistic? Does it proceed logically from my assumptions? • Have I outlined reasonable methods as to give my solution can be implemented? Step by Step Summary • Read case a minimum of 2-3 times • Make any reasonable assumptions • List all of the apparent problems • Determine the Central Problem • What alternatives are available • Make a recommendation • Implement the recommended solution...
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