Corporate Social responsibility Nov 8

Corporate Social responsibility Nov 8 - incurred while...

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Corporate Social responsibility Carroll’s four part definition Understanding the four components Responsibility Societal Expectation Economic required Legal Required Ethical Expected Discrentionary Desired/expected Contemporary CSR Concepts Corporate sustainability -activities demonstrating the inclusion of social environmental, and economic responsibilities. Reputational Management -Look to enhance corporation’s image through relationships with all stakeholders Social Impact Management -Focus on intersection between business needs and societal concerns Triple-E Bottom Line -Evaluate corporation according to economic, ethical, and environmental impact. Responces to Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate giving (philanthropy) -Effort of business to contribute to society socially through donations of money or goods and services in kind. Volunteerism (where corporate employees work for social causes) Voluntarism -Forms of support (providing facilities, allowing time off, assisting with personal expenses
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Unformatted text preview: incurred while volunteering, special recognition)-Corporate policies regarding voluntarism (encouraging, enabling, and promoting) Corporate sponsorship-A partnership which has been established for mutual benefit between a business sponsor and an event or a non-profit-Examples: sports, cultural, and educational events, drug abuse, environmental issues, etc. Social venture philanthropy- The investment of human and financial resources by corporations in non-profit community development agencies to generate a social return instead of only a financial one. Social enterprise-A model of business operations where some or all profits are deliberately used to further social aims.-two types 1)non-profit enterprises that contribute all profits to social initiatives (e.g. Value village, thrift stores) 2) For profit enterprises that devide profits between social initiatives and shareholders (e.g. The body shop) McDonald’s and CSR...
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Corporate Social responsibility Nov 8 - incurred while...

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