Globalization and multiculturalism - nov 29

Globalization and multiculturalism - nov 29 - competition...

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Globalization and multiculturalism Globalization- What is it? -The merging of previously domestic spaces and issues into one multifaceted and interconnected global village -term to describe the growing interdependence of people with regard to societal influence, economics, and cultural exchanges -refers to the increasing economic integration and interdependence of countries -A global movement to increase flow of goods, services, people, real capital, and money across national borders. Key Drivers -market new markets strategic alliances demand for products -cost source of inexpensive labour cheaper raw materials new sources of capital -competition Competition producing similar goods of equal or better quality at lower cost
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Unformatted text preview: competition can come from anywhere-government Trade liberalization policies industry deregulation privatization participation in globalization institutions-technology Advances in information and communication technologies facilitates coordination of business activities from anywhere cross border banking Homogenization of many enabling technologies Globalization can create new issues for business-damage to environment-support for oppressive regimes-criticism of marketing practices ex. Tobacco, pharmaceutical- arms trade-treatment of employees (ex sweatshops- corruption and bribery Globalization: good or Bad?-There is considerable debate over whether globalization is good or bad...
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Globalization and multiculturalism - nov 29 - competition...

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