Nov 11 - Businesss Influence on Government and civil society

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Business-Government Relations -the prevailing view is that business and government rarely agree and that each is of the view the other “doesn’t get it” Understanding one another -Does business understand government? -Does government understand business? -Recall the unique characteristics of government Survey says. .. See themselves Sees industry Government respondents -open responsive -industry representatives have impact -does not understand gov decision making -proposals do not respond to needs of public Corporate respondents -believe they understand how gov works -believe their proposals and balanced How can this difference be explained? -W.T Stanbury Factors that affect business -nature of relations between business and its primary stakeholders -Extent of government intervention in the sector -the degree to which government actions determine success or failure -characteristics of members in the business group -the perception of the public Factors that affect government -size of governments majority -regional distribution of seats in the legislature parliament -actions of other governments -behaviour of the media -legal and constitutional allocation of power between different levels of government -actions of opposition parties
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Nov 11 - Businesss Influence on Government and civil society

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