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Identifying stakeholder -Internal stakeholders (Employees, shareholders, managers) -External stakeholders (customers, suppliers, government, competition, community) -Primary stakeholders / market stakeholders –those having a direct interest in the organization and its success -Secondary stakeholders/non-market stakeholder – those having a public or special interest in the organization Identifying key stakeholders -one who can exert and sustain a positive or negative effect on the organization -Those stakeholders having high interest and high power to influence would be perceived as key -salience – priority given to competing stakeholder claims Who are business stakeholders? - Core, strategic, and environmental stakeholders -Core stakeholders are essential in the firms survival
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Unformatted text preview: - strategic stakeholders are directly affected by threats and opportunities the organization faces-environmental stakeholders are all others in the organizations environment- legitimacy, power, urgency-legitimacy is the perceived validity of the stakeholder’s claim to a stake-power is the ability of a stakeholder to produce an effect-urgency is the degree a stakeholder’s claim demands immediate attention Look at Pg 75 diagram Managing stakeholders deliberate communication with stakeholder in a proactive approach-consensus bulding as the goal-some challenges (too much input can stagnate the organization, creation of high expectations on the part of stakeholder that. In the end. Can’t be met.)...
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