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Critical Thinking - Sept 8
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Critical Thinking What is critical thinking? -difference between mere thinking and critical thinking (critical thinking deals with words) -think thoughts in stream (1 after another) -> critical thinking try to keep thoughts linked together where we believe that one thought gives support for other -critical thinking is not about what you think but how we think (structure of thoughts) -reasoning / critical thinking involves a system, systemic placing of our thoughts in order to establish certain standards of systemic ordering -intellectual standards: clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance (eg. Students thinking they deserve higher grades), depth (“just say no -> shallow slogan), logic Critical thinking -Systemic evaluation of beliefs by rational standards -involves logic – the study of good reasoning and rules that govern it -deals with elements of thought Why do we need critical thinking? - Socrates says that unexamined life is not worth living. When thinking critically we become aware of elements of reasoning and rational standards that we must apply in order to
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