Definitions - sept 15

Definitions - sept 15 - Definitions What is a...

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Unformatted text preview: Definitions What is a definition?-the explanation of a meaning of a word-Way for us to justify the unknown (thru language)- meaning of word is a set of rules / conditions that govern its use-often difficult to say what words mean if we ignore its use and context-in everyday use of words we understand each other even if we don’t have a precise definition of the word because we have its context-but if we want to know the presise meaning of the word / concept we need a definition which lacks ambiguity and which allows us to distinguish it from other words / concepts-use definitions when dealing with specialized areas of knowledge such as law, philosophy, etc. And when t rying to determine use of word / concept which is unknown to us To understand the definition of a word we must be familiar with two concepts: Sense: connotation of word and it’s what we understand when we understand the meaning of the word Reference: aka denotation -> class of things that words belong to-ex. Word “plate” means flat dish for serving food -> refers to the class of all such objects in the world – past, present, and future....
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Definitions - sept 15 - Definitions What is a...

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