nov 29 - mere 5 % of those asked said that they did....

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5. the civil state is like your parents: both protect and sustain you. So, just as you have an obligation to obey the rules set by your parents, similarly you are obligated to obey the law which is the set of rules imposed by the state. - x is to y as a is to b -x is R to y -therefore, it is probable that a is R to b. 6. Taking medicine on a regular basis is like maintatining a car. If you wait to change the oil till your engine loses compression and is smoking badly, it’s too late. You should take your prescribed medications regularly, whether you feel you need them or not. -x has properties A, B, C -y has properties A and B -Therefore, it is probable that y has property C as well. 7. A very large study of Americans carefully distributed among all groups, regions, ways of life, economic status and so on, asked whether they would be opposed to having a women for a president. A
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Unformatted text preview: mere 5 % of those asked said that they did. Clearly, the feminist revolution has succeeded in this respect anyway, and there is no longer a significant bar to a women becoming a president.-x % of the observed Fs are G- It is probable, therefore, that x% of all Fs are G 8. Most 103 year old persons who have major surgery suffer serious complications. Didi is a 103 year old person who has had a major surgery, so it’s very likely that Didi will suffer serious complications-Z% of Fs are G-x is an F-Therefore, it is probable to the degree 0.z that x is G 11. A toss of a coin will result in a 50% chance of getting heads. Joe tossed the coin, so there’s a 50 % chance Joe will get heads....
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