Reconstructing Arguments - sept 27

Reconstructing Arguments - sept 27 - Reconstructing...

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Reconstructing Arguments Reconstructing arguments 1.always try to identify the conclusion first. The conclusion is what makes a set of statements an argument. EX) [C] Pet psychics can diagnose a dog’s heartburn 100% of the time. [p1] In the past fifty years, in hundreds of scientific tests, pet psychics were able to correctly diagnose heartburn in dogs 100% of the time. [p2] scientists have confirmed the existence of energy waves that can carry info about the health of animals. Find the premises and the conclusion in the following examples: [C] The religious right is not pro family. [P1] Concerned parents realize that their children are curious about how their bodies work and need accurate age-appropriate info about the human reproductive system . [P2] Yet, thanks to the religious right pressure, many public schools have replaced sex education with fear-based “abstinence-only” programs that insult young people’s intelligence and give them virtually no useful info. Is there archaeological evidence for the biblical flood? (This is a rhetorical question; the answer is the last
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Reconstructing Arguments - sept 27 - Reconstructing...

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