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Study Questions: Plato, Republic PHI 1101 Reasoning and Critical Thinking Professor Laura Byrne These study questions are meant to guide you through our readings from the Republic . Book I What is the definition of justice given by Cephalus? What is Socrates’ objection to this definition? What is Polemarchus’s definition? How does he defend it? What is Thrasymachus’s definition? What is Socrates’ objection to this definition? How does Thrasymachus respond? How does Socrates define the concepts of “function” and “virtue”? At the end of Book One, what does Socrates conclude is the result of the discussion of justice? Book II What are the three kinds of good things categorized by Glaucon? To which category does he challenge Socrates to demonstrate that justice belongs? Why does Socrates turn to consider the origin of a city? Why, according to Socrates, does a city come to be? What is Glaucon’s objection to the city without luxuries? To what does the luxurious city lead?
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