syllabusOriginal - Syllabus for MATH 316 Sections 001 and...

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Unformatted text preview: Syllabus for MATH 316, Sections 001 and 003 Instructor Oksana Guba Contact information for Oksana: Office: HUM 461 E-mail: Office hours: M 1200-1430 or by appointment. Phone: 277-4803 Contact information for your grader, Ling Xu: Office: HUM 344 E-mail: Office hours: T 300-500. Phone: 277-6244 Based on ”Differential Equations”, by Brannan and Boyce (BB) and ”ODEs using Matlab”, 3rd ed. by Polking & Arnold (PA). This syllabus will be regularly updated to reflect actual class pace. Your final grade will be calculated from your quizzes (15%), homeworks (15%), two midterms (20% each), and final (30%). A student must earn a C or better on the final to receive a C or better in the class. No makeup quizzes, no extra credit, no late home works without a good reason. Check your grades at . Mark each assignment by the week during which it was assigned, and clearly list at the top of the front page your name and the problems included, identified by section and page number if they come from one of the required texts. Ch.X refers to Chapter X in the main text and Ch.X-PA refers to Chapter X in the the Matlab book. Update 1, On notations: Be careful with your writing. Most of you use ruled paper, so, write one equation per line. Use more paper as it helps you to write clearly. Do not forget = signs. Do not use = ⇒ by any means. Your notations contribute to your grade. Week 1 Sec 1.1–2.1 Aug 25: Sec 1.1, 1.2, 1.4 Aug 27: Sec 1.3, 2.1 1 Homework 1: Download dfield7 and pplane7 from Polking’s website (google it). Sec 1.1: #1,3 Sec 1.2: #1. For #1, find solutions analytically and then plot them using MATLAB’s ezplot (see p.9 in PA). Also, play with dfield to obtain a plot of directional fields with several solutions. Sec 1.3: #1,9 as in the book. Also, do #16 using script eul.m from p.73, PA. Sec 1.4: #8,13,14 Sec 2.1: #13,15,16. For each of the problems, draw direction fields using dfield7....
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syllabusOriginal - Syllabus for MATH 316 Sections 001 and...

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