PREE HW#1 - 36.Vi 37:wq 39.mkdir...

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1. What manual page do you want? 2. a. b. 3. a. Calendar b. 4. 9083ht 5. Linux 6. 7. Ctrl + D 8. mkdir hw 9. pwd [email protected]~ 11. a. ls / b. 12.mkdir public 13.rwx rwx rwx 14. chmod atrwx public -l 17. [email protected]~ 18.Chmod 511 public 19.Chmod701 public 20.Cd/etc/xml 21. 1 22.Cd 23.Mkdir lab2test 24.Cd lab2test –l 26.cp –r /etc/xml 27. 1 xml xml2 29.xml2=Directory no empty 30. 31. 0 32.successful 33.
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34.mkdir SourceFiles SourceFiles
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Unformatted text preview: 36.Vi 37. :wq 39.mkdir public/csci 2200dir SourceFiles/csci2200.html public/csci 2200dir,excecutt,excecute 43.chmod 711 csci2200.html 44.cannot remove ccsi2200.html , Is a directory public/csci2200dir 46.rmdir csci2200.html 47. ls –a 48. a. ls -1 >> dirlisting b. ls public >> dirlisting c. cat dirlisting...
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PREE HW#1 - 36.Vi 37:wq 39.mkdir...

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