IMG_0011 - -r-= lJ 3 L I-a fl(b[3pts Find the matrix of,9...

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309 Quiz LL.3 Name: Section number: ^c *2 *c *2 , Let T ' lRr -_ IRr and 5 ; IRJ - lRr be linear functiotts defined by and '(f ;i]):l-? j,?;; . , (7":l ) : | "' {.:"" I \ Lrrl / L*' - 2rz * re) (a) [3pts] Find the matrix of ?:
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Unformatted text preview: -r-= lJ 3 L I -a. fl (b) [3pts] Find the matrix of ,9: s=fa?-s) lc, -i ll and (b) to deterririne the matrix of ,S o ?: 11 ? ilft;il f-s ro -rl ti;ft qJ (c) fl pts] Use the matrices cif (a) S.T=...
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