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309 Quiz 10.2 Name: Section number: and p,a; lR3 * lR2 the iinear function defined by pn(v) : (a) [3pts] Is po one-to-one? (Justifv your answer!) l-r r nl Let.A:11 ; ;l L - * *_J ,4v for aii v e R3. It c) ->Lo r (b) [3pts] Is pa onto f-t r I L r I f: lUo. dirn fi-t*tCin"Rl
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Unformatted text preview: be ? (Justify your answer!) ll o tl !:,J-f,] * rrn rnd so r.l.* \s onk> (c) f4pts] Find a, basis of ker(pa) : {v € lRs lpA(v) : 0}. o - o) [f,-] ", -iJ L*l= Isl let V"= r i,-Ai"=O+ V,=ar Ve+ !.V. *g + Ve= -L _tl-ill'-aq basi(- l"t ql') LrilJ...
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