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) v= .> n s-3 - 309 Quiz 8.3 Narne: Section number: (t) fapts] Let V be a finite dimensional inner product space. Give the definition of an orthonormal basis of V: a.3e+, Le,. ,a3 s.e. d,,. ..,a spq-nV,en e linaarll ind, a.nd r-+rC-r-'.t <e.,€-3)= tl lf.J r=J (2) [6pts] Consider C([0.1]) as an inner product space via the inner product: -- f (r),s(r) >: [' ,f @)n@)0, JO
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Unformatted text preview: f (r),g(r) e A([O.f]). Find an orthonormat basis of the subspace I4,' : span{ 1. r, et -'- 12} . .5 l,t Q,= m'l= I-5 {r= 6n/dor-, } t, 1$, )= Sj ^.ro K= +x,Rlj =t/a_ ' X' t/A =&gt; ll i*ll. l-s Er'va ats (z- A dr - ,getd.7 d, l-.&gt; Gtt 'Ys ', v* 5 4*, $jc*-ta\tr=m =' J'ha= +t ! Ira A,li D.rd*tE1'e { r, e ili(z-lA\ , .,} basls =...
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