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b\ c\ d\ 309 Quiz 7.3 Name: Section number: Let u : (1, L, 1, 1), r = (0.2. 1. -2) e JR4. (a) [3pts] Determine the angie g between u and v. (b) [3pts] Find the orthogona] pro.fection p of v onto u. (c) [2pts] Verify that v * p is orthogonal to p. (d) [Zpts] Cornpute llo - pll', llp 12, and llvl12 and verify that the Pyt]ragorean law is satisfied.
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Unformatted text preview: t @ coi ( 7A-r 'J c.\ cosO- #,r#,r ?-Q= d= PrciJrv = #O = +(t,r,t,l\ f- F = (c.r, e, l,- A- (,/q,r/q,V1,rfi i? ^*,. 1(,. '/q ,'/''1, "/,r,-^ r t ( r- F\ .(F\ J' rr' f il;r ii ", * 3h (zo\ - r/.t ( /,\ = -|p =lg=d;-F,;; flVllz=f ilptte= ^Uqf,F lrl It i-F,' : (vq\\ (7qf*( y,J'*Gzqy '*t,ftr*,, #= f rt7-pr+ t4i -- f "t= y= 1 =rtitt\ '/q,'/q ,'ht\...
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