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309 Quiz.32 Nanne: *' -__'- '---(t){apts],.Giroe{an.equivalent)definifion'of',a,subspace:"4,-subset S e Vis asub- r\ Nlonernptl (ra:lt:i'r.:Lns €l'u. 6 v<rtor\ \iV a\ cbs€d on&-r qdCitton 3\Clcsea t>^&.r icahr rnolbrplicnllon (2) [6pts] Show that S : {(a,b,",d)l - a- c*d : 0 and 4b+2c- i, -0i c mn is a subspace of IRa, \ b,qo,SeRl ; (gy*i (o\+ (o\=6 {'' '
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Unformatted text preview: y =)? (6,gqo\ e S a\ =) S tS ,\onernptr{ ,d 3: (Q.,,b,c,,C), (e*,b",(",{I eS Tha,n -q"-(,,*C.,=O c\r\d ..1b,+lcr- dr=O A.c-4r+AreC) {b** t cr_dr :O (.)7s (4,, b,, c,, C ) + ( ctr ,brr cr, CJ eS qrrs (eu+-(e,{q*\-,.-:i:;:"S=.'tl**;;::h;:1;:ff i $i3'$hih= i tu*":{r *sbr+!(.2-d: o *c)= - ' --- :--o'- ', o. +o: i oa + Sf .6@. u"drr + U4&.* +pgc...
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