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309 Quiz 2.2 Name: Section number: (t) ffpts] If P and Q are mathematical statements, then the statement P + Q is false if: ?,s trt>e. qM G, rs FcJSe f / \ tt4l , ,1 \&l i t4m oorrul+O. s(r) corr_\. State hypothesis and conclusion in this Theorem: Hypothesis: Conclusion: (2) [5pts] Consider the following
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Unformatted text preview: theorem from Calculus: Let a, be a number and let f and g be di,fferenti,able oaer sonxe open conta'ins a. Assume also that g' 'i,s not zero for any n i,n that i,nterual ercept perhaps at a. If Iimr-"f (r) : Q. limg(r),-o : g. and llm,-ofl,(,4, : 1. g'\r )...
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