IMG - 309 Q uiz 1 c Name Section n umber(t fapts A linear...

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Unformatted text preview: \.--,-' 309 Q uiz 1 c Name: Section n umber:, (t) fapts] A linear systemof equationscan have ({ tro solutionsor infinitely many solutions (6Dro solutions,exactly one solution, or infinitely many solutions \{l'any number of solutions. (circleo ne) (2) [ 6pts]C onsidera m atrix,4 w ith 5 r ows a nd 6 c olumns \=l1 Fill in the x's so that matrix A is in reducedechelonform. fiilil) trooooof lo I o o oo I looloool \o o o I o o I L o o o oo t I L/ ...
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