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Selection of Cutting Conditions 91 Valery Marinov, Manufacturing Technology 5.10 SELECTION OF CUTTING CONDITIONS For each machining operation, a proper set of cutting conditions must be selected during the process planning. Decision must be made about all three elements of cutting conditions, ± depth of cut ² feed ³ cutting speed There are two types of machining operations: ± roughing operations : the primary objective of any roughing operation is to remove as much as possible material from the workpiece for as short as possible machining time. In roughing operation, quality of machining is of a minor concern. ² Fnishing operations : the purpose of a ±nishing operation is to achieve the ±nal shape, dimensional precision, and surface ±nish of the machined part. Here, the quality is of major importance. Selection of cutting conditions is made with respect to the type of machining operation. Cutting conditions should be decided in the order depth of cut - feed - cutting speed . Selecting depth of cut
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ME364_cutting_conditions - Valery Marinov, Manufacturing...

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