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Cutting Fluids 81 Valery Marinov, Manufacturing Technology 5.6 CUTTING FLUIDS Introduction Cutting ±uid ( coolant ) is any liquid or gas that is applied to the chip and/or cutting tool to improve cutting performance. A very few cutting operations are performed dry, i.e., without the application of cutting ±uids. Generally, it is essential that cutting ±uids be applied to all machining operations. Cutting ±uids serve three principle functions: ± to remove heat in cutting: the effective cooling action of the cutting ±uid depends on the method of application, type of the cutting ±uid, the ±uid ±ow rate and pressure. The most effective cooling is provided by mist application combined with ±ooding . Application of ±uids to the tool ±ank, especially under pressure, ensures better cooling that typical application to the chip but is less convenient. ² to lubricate the chip-tool interface: cutting ±uids penetrate the tool-chip interface improving lubrication between the chip and tool and reducing the friction forces and tempera tures. ³ to
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ME364_cutting_fluids - Valery Marinov, Manufacturing...

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