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86 Valery Marinov, Manufacturing Technology 5.8 CUTTING TOOL MATERIALS Requirements The cutting tool materials must possess a number of important properties to avoid excessive wear, fracture failure and high temperatures in cutting, The following characteristics are essencial for cutting materials to withstand the heavy conditions of the cutting process and to produce high quality and economical parts: v hardness at elevated temperatures (so-called hot hardness ) so that hardness and strength of the tool edge are maintained in high cutting temperatures: Hot hardness for different tool materials v toughness : ability of the material to absorb energy without failing. Cutting if often accompanied by impact forces especially if cutting is interrupted, and cutting tool may fail very soon if it is not strong enough. v wear resistance : although there is a strong correlation between hot hardness and wear resistance, later depends on more than just hot hardness. Other important characteristics include surface Fnish on the tool, chemical inertness of the tool material with respect to the work material, and thermal conductivity of the tool material, which affects the maximum value of the cutting temperature at tool-chip interface. Cutting tool materials Carbon Steels It is the oldest of tool material. The carbon content is 0.6~1.5% with small quantities of silicon, chromium, manganese, and vanadium to reFne grain size. Maximum hardness is about HRC 62. This material has low wear resistance and low hot hardness. The use of these materials now is very
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ME364_cutting_materials - 86 Cutting Tool Materials Valery...

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