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ME364_machining_boring - Valery Marinov Manufacturing...

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Boring 121 Valery Marinov, Manufacturing Technology 6.5 BORING Introduction Boring is a process of producing circular internal proFles on a hole made by drilling or another process. It uses single point cutting tool called a boring bar . In boring, the boring bar can be rotated, or the workpart can be rotated. Machine tools which rotate the boring bar against a stationary workpiece are called boring machines (also boring mills ). Boring can be accomplished on a turning machine with a stationary boring bar positioned in the tool post and rotating workpiece held in the lathe chuck as illustrated in the Fgure. In this section, we will consider only boring on boring machines. Boring operation on a lathe. Cutting conditions in boring Since boring is an operation quite similar to turning, the same type of cutting conditions could be considered. Set-up of the boring operation on a boring machine.
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Boring 122 Valery Marinov, Manufacturing Technology Boring machines Boring machines can be horizontal
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ME364_machining_boring - Valery Marinov Manufacturing...

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