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Drilling and Reaming 112 Valery Marinov, Manufacturing Technology Introduction Drilling is a process of producing round holes in a solid material or enlarging existing holes with the use of multi- tooth cutting tools called drills or drill bits . Various cutting tools are available for drilling, but the most common is the twist drill . 6.3 DRILLING AND REAMING Basics of a drilling operation. Reaming is a process of improving the quality of already drilled holes by means of cutting tools called reamers . Drilling and reaming are performed on a drilling press , although other machine tools can also perform this operation, for instance lathes, milling machines, machining centers. In drilling and reaming, the primary motion is the rotation of the cutting tool held in the spindle. Drills and reamers execute also the secondary feed motion. Some Fnishing reaming operations are manual. Cutting conditions in drilling The twist drill is a cutting tool with two symmetrical opposite cutting edges, each removing part of the material in the form of chip. Drilling operation.
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Drilling and Reaming 113 Valery Marinov, Manufacturing Technology Two types of feed in drilling can be identiFed: ± feed per tooth f z : has the same meaning as in the other multi-tooth cutting tools. ±eeds per tooth are roughly proportional to drill diameter, higher feeds for larger diameter drills. ² feed per minute f m : feed per minute is calculated taking into account the rotational speed N, f m = 2f z N ±eed per minute is used to adjust the feed change gears. In drilling, depth of cut d is equal to the half of drill diameter, d = 1 D where D is the drill diameter. In core drilling, a drilling operation used to enlarge an existing hole of diameter D hole , depth of cut is given by d = 1 (D drill - D hole ) where D drill is the drill diameter, and D hole is the diameter of the hole being enlarged. Drilling and reaming operations
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ME364_machining_drilling - 112 Drilling and Reaming Valery...

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