Essay about Empathy - Empathy Step into the shoes of...

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Empathy Step into the shoes of another character and imagine what it would be like to be them, from their point-of-view. You can do this with empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand another person's emotions and feelings by imagining what they have been through. The stories of Mary Rowlandson's captivity experience, Benjamin Franklin's journey to success, and Olaudah Equiano's kidnapping experience can be empathized. Empathy allows us to understand what these characters have experienced, good or bad, by experiencing loss, traveling on the long road to success, and awakening to the nightmare of the New World. Mary Rowlandson allows the readers to experience her loss during her eleven week captivity. On February 10, 1675, a large group of Indians came to Lancaster and burned many homes and killed many people in that area. Rowlandson was induced to leave her home and was taken alive to go along with the Indians as their captives. Rowlandson lost her home and family in this awful, ominous event that took place. Rowlandson writes, "Thus were we butchered by those merciless heathen, standing amazed, with the blood running down to our heels" (Rowlandson, 237). This statement shows how much she abhors the Indians for doing this to her and her loved
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Essay about Empathy - Empathy Step into the shoes of...

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